Are You Overwhelmed With All the Options
When It Comes to Getting a Wig?

“Are You Satisfied With the Personal Service and Guidance You're Getting in Choosing, Styling and Wearing a Wig?”

Finally Get the Personal Help and Service You're Looking For

Amy Gibson

Alopecia Sufferer

Are You Shopping For or Wearing a Wig?

Are you confused about how to choose a wig that will look beautiful and last?

Are you overwhelmed by the thousands of web sites and stores that show so many pictures and styles you just can't tell where to begin?

Do you feel that most wig outlets just want to sell you something and you're being left to figure out what to do by yourself?

Are you a wig-wearer who has been disappointed time after time with different wigs you have purchased in that it just doesn't feel right, fit right or hold its style?

After 15 years of being a successful women's wig designer and Alopecia sufferer myself, having had the privilege of working with so many amazing women world-wide from Royalty to celebrities to ladies and girls from the neighborhood, it is my greatest pleasure to guide and hopefully inspire the women I work with as they go through what I call a 'transformation' due to hair loss.

Choosing just the perfect wig, having the look, style and image that helps you feel good about looking in the mirror, is the bedrock of the work I do. Together, we'll create a wig that will give you the confidence you may have been missing after having hair loss.

And the extra BONUS, is that I'm a hair loss sufferer myself, having lost all of my scalp hair from Alopecia in my twenties.

Yet it is BECAUSE of that experience that I am who I am today:

Author, Speaker, Wig Designer, Media Expert as The Voice of Women's Hair Loss and business woman in the service of all things pertaining to women's hair loss.

Over the years, I've come from being an Emmy-nominated actress to appearances on such shows as The Doctors,
Entertainment Tonight, CBS, ABC News, NBC, Fox News, TODAY, Tyra, The Insider, Extra

My work has been highlighted in People, WebMD, Women's World, The Globe

My single greatest passion is seeing a woman's feelings and spirit light up and transform when they see how beautiful they look in a new, stylish, sexy wig when they find that place in themselves again that they thought was lost forever.

It's one of the best things I can do to help.

Let's work together, so I can help you eliminate the confusion, fear and uncertainty about what choices to make in finding the best wig for you so that you'll look like yourself and have the confidence you deserve.

Amy Gibson
“Personalized Support for ALL Your Hair Loss Needs”

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